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Now also available: the ECONEXT® Qi and sQ prefabricated chimneys for ventilation

Round prefab ventilation chimneys for serial residential construction projects. The round ECONEXT® Qi is increasingly being specified by property developers. Not only for flue gas extraction, but also for projects where the transition to sustainable, energy-efficient housing construction is the standard.



In the new compact ECONEXT® Qi and ECONEXT® sQ ventilation chimneys the ventilation pipes are connected, maintaining a neat roof finish. The chimneys are made of aluminium, making them very lightweight and easy to assemble.

Ready for the future

With an eye towards the future, where ventilation is taking on an increasingly important role, Cox Geelen is developing various products and systems in its own Research & Development Center.

Both the round ECONEXT® Qi and the square ECONEXT® sQ are suitable for all roof types. The matte black textura coating ensures a luxurious appearance.





These compact ventilation chimneys
- fitted with Ø110 mm sewer venting and Ø160 mm ventilation connection -
are supplied in matt black as standard.

ECONEXT® Qi ventilation chimney
pitched roof

ECONEXT® sQ ventilation chimney
pitched roof

Also available in flat roof version.


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