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Elegant heat pump covers

As a manufacturer, Cox Geelen has invested in keeping up with the sustainable developments in the heating market, and more specifically in heat pumps. We have many years of experience in producing stylish covers for split heat pump units or monoblocks that are placed on the roof. Naturally, these covers can also be used with hybrid heat pumps.

As market leader, we have manufactured covers for split units and monoblocks for many brands, with the roof inclination specified to 1° and the cover powder coated in the desired colour.

ECONEXT® Heat pump cover

The idea of placing the split-unit or monoblock of the air source heat pump on the roof dates back to 2013. In practice, the demand for a prefabricated heat pump cover arose due to lack of space and noise pollution.

As producer of prefab chimneys, Cox Geelen developed, together with the industry, a prefab cover in which split-units or monoblocks can be preinstalled.
Due to the high positioning, residents can experience 10 dB less noise on the ground. An additional advantage is that when renovating, the units can be installed close to the original hot water unit.

Our customer base includes renowned manufacturers of heat pumps and air conditioning systems, such as ATAG, Mitsubishi, Remeha, Toshiba, Daikin and Nefit.

Split-unit heat pump covers are designed and manufactured in-house at Cox Geelen on demand. The covers have to fit perfectly around the heat pump's outdoor unit to achieve maximum noise reduction.

Standard is a water outlet (condensation/melt water) and an inlet for refrigerant pipes and solar panel cables provided. Furthermore, the is the option of using the cover also for Mechanical Ventilation, Heat Recovery air in/outlet and sewer ventilation.

At Cox Geelen, you've come to the right place for both standard and custom-made heat pump covers. We also offer logistical management. Deliverable directly to the construction site upon request.


ECONEXT Heat pump cover

Stylish prefabricated and customised split-unit or monoblock covers for new builds and renovation projects.

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