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The completely updated digital Cox Geelen delivery program can be consulted online with our product finder.

ECONEXT Wall terminal 2.0

The modular ECONEXT® wall terminal 2.0 focuses on optimum efficiency for the working of the boiler and on installation time.

CoxDENS PP bracket

The CoxDENS PP bracket is the newest innovation from the Cox Geelen R&D center. This bracket with double closure ensures a quick, easy and safe fixation of the flue gas system!

CoxDENS PP brochure

CoxDENS PP brochure - English

CoxDENS PP Locking clamp

The CoxDENS PP Locking clamp provides a pull safe rigid plastic flue gas system


This is a concentric plastic/plastic push-fit flue gas system.

CoxDRY® Heat recovery system

With the innovative CoxHYBRID solution, old shafts or existing CFS systems in multi-storey residential buildings can be renovated quickly and easily to accommodate modern condensing boilers.


Learn more about covers for heat pump outdoor units with a design that is both attractive and sound-absorbing.

ECONEXT® Chimney cover

The ECONEXT® Chimney Cover is an innovative and modern outlet construction for fixing/mounting on a stoneware chimneypot.

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