Cox Geelen


Our plastic PP and PPs flue gas systems can be used for oil-fired and gas-fired condensing heating boilers with a maximum flue gas temperature of 120 °C (T120).
There are 2 comprehensive product ranges in plastic available: CoxDENS® and CoxHYBRID®.

The CoxDENS® system includes all products for installation or renovation of a flue pipe, whether rigid, flexible or concentric, from the condensing boiler to the flue gas outlet. The CoxDENS® system consists of a complete range of UV-resistant and fire-retardant Polypropylene products.

Single-wall rigid Polypropylene flue system

  • The product range offers all parts in as well PP as PPs, including roof and wall terminals.
  • Sustainable, light weight and easy to install.
  • Resistant to agressive condensates.

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Flexible Polypropylene flue system 

  • The CoxDENS® PP Flex in the colour white and UV-resistant is available in the diameters Ø 60, 80 and 100/110.
  • Connection in the house with a chimney bend, wall plate or ceiling plate.
  • Finishing on the roof with various chimney covers.

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Concentric Polypropylene systems

Cox Geelen offers a wide range of concentric systems.

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Especially developed for connection to modern, condensing, high efficiency boilers with a maximum flue gas temperature of 120°C (T120).


Communal flue system CoxHYBRID®

CoxHYBRID® CFS PP is an innovative overpressure CFS system developed in Cox Geelen's own Research & Development center in close collaboration with installation companies at home and abroad. With this innovative solution, old shafts or existing CFS systems in multi-storey housing can be quickly and easily adapted to accommodate modern high-efficiency boilers. 


Renovation or new construction

  • In multi-storey residential buildings up to 20 floors.
  • Is carried out shaft by shaft.
  • All old boilers must be replaced by modern condensing devices at the same time per shared chimney.

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CoxHYBRID® CFS PP is the efficient renovation solution for shaft renovation or new construction in multi-storey buildings up to 20 floors, without demolition or breaking work.