Cox Geelen

We manufacture Prefab chimneys for any roof application for multi-storey buildings as well as for single family houses.
The chimney combines various ducts, which can be adapted to any individual requirements. The product features of the Prefab chimney offer the possibility to connect heating, Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery devices in a simple and sustainable way.

For construction projects 

The chimney offers space for concentric air supply and exhaust pipes, for sewer ventilation and possibly for the connection of mechanical ventilation and/or heat recovery systems.

Cox Geelen has developed a prefabricated, custom-made chimney with the possibility to connect several new high performance boilers individually.

Specifications prefabricated chimney

  • Made of aluminium.
  • The connecting pipes protrude 50 mm at the bottom.
  • Powder coated RAL 9005 (black), other colours on request.
  • CE marking according to European standard EN 1856-1.

Tip: Also have the lower part of the prefabricated chimney insulated to prevent condensation.

For renovation projects

Are you planning a renovation project where several thermal or out dated condensing boilers need to be replaced? Not only do the various flue pipes need to be replaced, but also the chimney cover into which they discharge. Cox Geelen has developed a prefabricated renovation chimney that allows you to replace the existing cover, made to measure and with the option of connecting several new condensing boilers individually.

Prefab chimneys for one-family dwellings

The round chimney ECONEXT® Qi and the square version ECONEXT® sQ are both designed for series construction and fit any roof.


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