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ECONEXT® Cover-ups for heat pumps and airconditioners

Sound reduction with a cover for heat pumps and air conditioners

The outdoor unit of a heat pump or air conditioner is being installed on the roof more and more often. This has many advantages, and Cox Geelen has developed the ECONEXT® Roof cover for that purpose. This roof cover reduces noise at street level and can be installed easily and quickly.

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Why mount an outdoor unit on a sloping roof?

An important reason for placing the outdoor unit of the heat pump high on the roof is to save space in the house or garden. At ground level, the sound level of the heat pump can decrease by 10dB(A). The noise production of outdoor units is considered as a disturbing experience by many, and this high-level placement helps to reduce this nuisance and, in many cases, helps to comply with current regulations.
The elegant metal hood has the appearance of a chimney, something we are used to in our streets.

The installation of an outdoor unit on a sloping roof offers many advantages!
It saves space in the garden or house, and it reduces sound, making it easier to comply with current regulations.

Specifications ECONEXT® Cover-ups
The covers of Cox Geelen:

  1. Are made of maintenance-free material; 
  2. Are available in different models, and the roof pitch determines the choice of roof upstand, to an accuracy of 1˚; 
  3. Feature an inspection opening for maintenance of the heat pump or air conditioning system; 
  4. Are painted in the colour matt black;
  5. Are equipped as standard with a water outlet (condensation/melt) and a lead-through for refrigerant pipes and solar panel cables;
  6. Have a roof upstand with an environmentally friendly lead substitute as cover piece. 

The hoods can be used for renovation and new construction. An additional advantage is that in the case of renovation, the units can be installed close to the location of the original hot water unit.

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