Cox Geelen


The CoxTrek® roof terminals are designed for the natural and mechanical ventilation of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.
They are suitable for both aeration and de-aeration.

The CoxTrek® for mechanical ventilation (MV) is available in Ø 100, 150, 180, 200, 250 and 300 mm.

The CoxTrek® for natural (NV) and mechanical ventilation (MV) is available in Ø 125 mm.


  • Exceptionally low own resistance.
  • Positive draught even at low wind speed.
  • Underpressure in the outlet pipe compared to the environment.
  • No flowback in the pipe.
  • Any condensation formed in the upper part of the roof is drained above the roof surface.
  • Minimal icicle formation as the condensation is drained via 3 holes.
  • No leakage of condensation water into the under-roof area.


At the end of their lifecycle these products can be completely recycled.



  • Hood is made of aluminium.
  • Outer pipe is made of hot dip galvanized steel.
  • Available in black RAL 9005.

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