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New build in Berckelbosch Eindhoven, Netherlands

81 Dwellings with heat pump covers
In the Berckelbosch project in Eindhoven, 81 dwellings have been fitted with an ECONEXT® heat pump cover within a period of 6 to 7 months. The Remeha Mercuria heat pump outdoor unit has been pre-assembled in these covers.


Heat pump covers from Cox Geelen
for new build, retrofit or sustainability projects.


New build project Tivoli in Eindhoven, Netherlands

36 Dwellings with heat pump covers
As part of the Tivoli project in Eindhoven, 36 dwellings were fitted with an ECONEXT® heat pump cover including a pre-assembled outdoor unit of the heat pump within a period of 7 weeks, from March to May 2022.

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