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New construction project Tivoli.

Heat pump roof covers - ready-made - delivered on site

In close collaboration with the contractor and installer, the 36 heat pump roof covers, including the pre-installed outdoor unit, were delivered in 5 partial deliveries to the construction site in Eindhoven at the agreed-upon time.

Each time, the installer hoisted them all onto the roof on the same day using a rented crane. This is what we mean by "taking care of everything".

Here's how it works. The ECONEXT® roof caps are manufactured in advance according to specifications of the outdoor unit, roof slope, and color at Cox Geelen in Eijsden. Then, the split-unit or monoblock is supplied by the customer, and we ensure that the unit is correctly installed in the cap.

This project included 4 different models of heat pump roof caps, with 2 different roof slopes. The chosen colour was RAL 7016 texture.

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Source: Cox Geelen

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