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Preassembled heat pump connection

Prefab chimney

Prefab chimney for both new construction and renovation projects

PREFAB® chimney - heat pump ready

Prefab 2.0

Eijsden gets the scoop of the region Limburg. A house that is built within 24 hours. In Eijsden's residential area Poelveld the first of seven such houses was built this week. The houses are well insulated and all windows are fitted with three-layer insulation. No boiler but instead a durable heat pump transfers heat from the outside air.

Cox Geelen

Cox Geelen's Research & Development Center designed the heat pump connections together with the developer. The pump connections are pre-installed in a PREFAB® chimney of Cox Geelen. After placement of the roof the PREFAB® chimney was hoisted and mounted on the roof.
heat pump
heat pump

New construction project Holten

In a new construction project in Holten, 30 rental homes for rent in the free sector were equipped with a PREFAB® chimney with heat pump connection. The air heat pump, intended for both heating and hot water supply, limits noise nuisance in the home to a minimum.

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chimneys heat pump
chimneys heat pump