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Cox Geelen CoxDENS Flex
Cox Geelen CoxDENS Flex

CoxDENS® PP Flex

The CoxDENS® PP Flex is a flexible PolyPropylene flue gas system, designed for connection to condensing (W) gas or oil fired heating appliances. Ideal for use within service ducts or existing chimney shafts where internal angles or bends figure in the flue route.

► CoxDENS® PP Flex is resistant to agressive condensates, as a result the boiler is less polluted.


The ease of installation of the new CoxDENS® PP Flex is guaranteed by:

  • The flexible material, good flexibility, which makes it easy to work with.
  • The new mounting ring does not require much strength during installation and enables easy correction when neccesary.
  • The flexible pipe can easily be shortened.
  • Condensate resistant joints, which need no lubricant.
  • The clamping strength of the mounting ring ensures a tension proof connection.
  • An improved new bracing bracked with integrated tie wrap, simple to correct or move.
  • The system's light weight.
  • The compact packaging method thanks to the high degree of flexibility.
  • A wide range of wall and ceiling plates.
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen


  • Made of Polypropylene.
  • Resistant up to temperature of 120 °C.
  • UV resistant.
  • Operates in negative and positive pressure modes.
  • Designed as a vertical flue system installation but is safe to run at angles up to 45° from vertical.
  • Ø 60, Ø 80 and Ø 100/110 mm available in the colour white.
  • System approval 5000 Pa (level H1).
  • CE marked according to European standard EN 14471.
plastic PP flue system
plastic PP flue system

Product range

  • Pipes in lengths 12,5m, 15m, 25m and 50 meter.
  • Inspection piece
  • Chimney bend 87°
  • Fire resistant wall plates with chimney bend and fire collar read more
  • Ceiling plates
  • Chimney cover
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen

CoxDENS® connection plates

  • Wall plates - single wall
  • Wall plates - concentric
  • Ceiling plates - single wall
  • Ceiling plates - concentric / telescopic read more
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen

Especially for renovation projects

The ECONEXT® Chimney Cover is an innovative and modern outlet construction for fixing/mounting on a stoneware chimneypot. In renovation projects where the old fashioned central heating boiler is replaced by a modern condensing heating appliance, it is also necessary to replace the flue system quickly and safely. This innovative cap has been especially designed for this, read on to see how.


At the end of its lifecycle the CoxDENS® PP can be completely recycled. 


A flexible flue gas system is designed as a vertical flue system installation but is safe to run at angles up to 45° from vertical. In addition, we recommend that the inside of the shaft should be up to 2x the diameter of the pipe to prevent siphon formation. It is also necessary to place a 2 meter bracing bracket (spacer) to prevent premature abrasion wear. If the outside temperature drops below 5 °C, the flexible pipe must be warmed up before installing.

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Download for more information: Brochure CoxDENS® PP Flex.

Watch the film Flex installation instructions - filmed on location.

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