CFS-NV Communal Flue System


Communal Flue System - Naturally Vented negative pressure

CFS-NV is Cox Geelens complete flue system which combines a communal air supply and a communal flue outlet for use with gas fired condensing (HE) and non condensing (SE) boilers. The system operates with negative pressure and fits perfectly with the latest generation gas fired heating appliances.
  • The outer aluminium pipe has a fully welded longitudinal seam and is roll grooved for maximum rigidity. The CoxSafe seal applied to the male o/d circumference ensures an airtight male/female joint at installation assembly. 
  • The aluminium inner pipe has a 1.5mm wall thickness, has a longitudinal TIG-welded seam with its female end fitted with the latest Fix-Safe seal(FS) for a gas-tight and condensate-tight push fit joint. 
  • The elasticity of the Fix-Safe seal combined with its unique design ensures optimum sealing performance. 
  • The system can sustain an average of 20-35 kW for condensing (HE) boilers and 24-42 kW for non-condensing (SE) boilers. 
  • Each CFS-NV system is supplied as a complete kit of parts to build the complete assembly installation comprising:
    • roof terminal.
    • roof mounting plate or flat flashing with storm collar.
    • concentric T-pieces with appropriate number of connections per storey.
    • concentric twin sections.
    • condensate collector base unit.
    • floor brackets and 
    • floor supports.
  • As an aid to section assembly we recommend applying soapy film to the joint seal surfaces prior to push fit connection (obtainable from Cox Geelen).
  • The system conforms to the rigorous "Gaskeur"Test no 138 and is certified by Gastec Qa, cert. no- 96/00601. report no 175466.
  • CE-marked according to the European standard EN 1856-1.
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