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Cox Geelen ECONEXT wall terminal
Cox Geelen ECONEXT wall terminal

Wall terminals for condensing heating appliances

The ECONEXT® wall terminals are especially designed for connection to condensing boilers with a maximum flue temperature of 120° C (T120).

The ECONEXT® wall terminal is available in 4 versions:

  • Concentric Ø60/100 and Ø80/125 mm, flue pipe length 800mm.
  • Twin pipe Ø80/80 mm, with flue pipe length 800 mm.
  • Telescopic Ø60/100 and Ø80/125 mm with variable lengths 300-460 mm and 460-620 mm.
  • Renovation wall terminal ECONEXT® Retrofit Ø60/95 mm with flue pipe length 900 mm. Read more


  • Special aerodynamic nozzle with excellent draining qualities.
  • Flue pipe Ø60 and Ø80 mm available in PP or aluminium.
  • Air inlet pipe made of galvanised steel or PVC in the colour white RAL 9016.
  • Nozzle is made of PP in standard colour grey RAL 7001, or optionally in white or black PP.
  • Outside EPDM wall plate is in the colour grey RAL 7001.
  • Inside EPDM wall plate is in the colour white RAL 9016.

Installation with any type condensing boiler (T120):

Cox Geelen's product program offers several options, depending on type of heating appliance select CoxBRL®CoxDENS® or the CONNEXT®X7 / CONNEXT®X3 program.
ECONEXT wall terminal condensing


At the end of its lifecycle the ECONEXT® wall terminal can be recycled completely.
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For more information please download:

Plume Management Kit (PMK)

The ECONEXT® wall terminals all have the great advantage that they have an easy connection to a Plume Management Kit as a standard. Just by removing the special nozzle and clicking the PMK on the mounted wall terminal in any desired angle. There is NO need to break the ECONEXT® wall terminal away! A PMK can be mounted within minutes.