Fire resistant wall plates
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Cox Geelen CoxDENS
Cox Geelen CoxDENS
Fire rated wall plates
Fire rated wall plates

Fire rated wall plates
Flame proof and heat insulation: a must-have.

Cox Geelen's fire-resistant wall plates are heat insulating. When renovating an existing shaft, there is usually limited space available. The installer also hardly has any influence on the materials already present in the shaft; often drawings of the existing situation are not correct or it is hard to see what is in the shaft. In order to be prepared for these types of uncontrollable risks, a fire collar alone is really not sufficient. Cox Geelen's wall plates are flame-proof as well as heat insulating, a must-have for flue gas and chimney renovations!
By installing a fire-resistant wall plate over the opening in the shaft, the flue gas discharge and air supply are restored to at least the same fire resistance requirements as the shaft wall itself.

Fire-resistant wall plates

Cox Geelen introduces round fire-resistant wall plates with integrated fireproof plate and fire protection seal. These innovative CoxDENS® wall plates are available for connection to flexible as well as concentric flue gas systems. These revolutionary wall plates neatly cover an opening in the wall and also provide a fire and carbon monoxide safe situation in the home. Why round? Mounting can not go crooked and the slope of 3° is included in the design.



  • Ideal for renovation projects, also for high rise buildings.
Fire rated wall plates
Fire rated wall plates


  • Round fireproof wall plate. Download certificates here.
  • Flame retardant (E) + Thermal insolation (I) of 60 minutes. 
  • Design ensures correct slope of 3° for condensate drainage towards boiler. 
  • Concentric connection 60/100 mm. 
  • Fire-resistant classification EI60 and higher. 
  • Complies with building requirement fire prevention of 60 minutes between two fire compartments. 
  • Fireproof wall plate, fire protection seal and mounting are integrated in a single product.

Connection plates


Neatly cover an opening in the wall and also provide a fire and carbon monoxide safe situation in the home.


Due to the round shape, a deviation from a blunt drill or a small twist does not stand out. A slope of 3 ° is secured in the design, making a draining connection to the boiler.


At the end of its lifecycle the CoxDENS® wall plates can be completely recycled. 

Please refer to product search to find detailled information about the CoxDENS® PP programme instantly or ask advise from our specialists.