Rigid PP flue systems
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Cox Geelen CoxDENS
Cox Geelen CoxDENS

CoxDENS® PP flue gas systems

The CoxDENS® systems CoxDENS® PP can be used for oil-fired and gas-fired fan flued condensing heating boilers with a maximum flue gas temperature of 120 °C (T120). (Temperature class T120).

CoxDENS PP rigid
CoxDENS PP rigid

Advantages plastic PP flue systems

  • CoxDENS® PP is a complete product range in PP, including roof and wall terminals.
  • Sustainable, light weight and easy to install.
  • Resistant to agressive condensates, as a result the boiler is less polluted.

► Made of UV-resistant PP.

For flame retardant PPs click here.


  • Temperature class T120
  • UV resistant.
  • Flue gas pipe in colour white.
  • Operates in negative and positive pressure modes.
  • System approval 5000 Pa (level H1).
  • CE marked according to European Standard EN 14471:2013.

Plastic PP Bracket

As an installer you want to be sure that the bracket has been installed in a correct way which means tight enough around the socket or the spigot. When the bracket is applied around the socket of the pipe or bend, you fix this bracket with 1 click, whereas if the bracket is mounted around the smaller diameter of the spigot, you fix the bracket in 2 clicks, thus allowing the expansion of the flue gas system. This combination ensures that the pipes and bends cannot disengage due to expansion and contraction. read more


All plastic, including PP, expands by heat. To ensure the installation stays totaly gas tight, use the Cox Geelen mounting bracket. To install this bracket correctly, the assembly instructions (to be downloaded from www.coxgeelen.com/download) must be followed. Only in this way, Cox Geelen guarantees a safe and flue gas tight installation. We strongly recommend using only Cox Geelen products and no to mix materials.

CoxDENS® PP Locking clamp

► 45 kg pull safe.

The CoxDENS® PP locking clamp is an innovative plastic product which ensures that installed single wall rigid plastic flue gas outlet products cannot disconnect over time. With this locking clamp you can create an extra pull safe connection in just a few seconds.


Manufacturing plastic flue gas systems causes less CO2 exhaust than metal flue gas systems.

Download for more information: CoxDENS® PP brochure.

Link to pull safe connection with the locking clamp.

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