CoxTrek<sup>®</sup> ventilation roof Terminal
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CoxTrek® ventilation roof terminal

The CoxTrek® ventilation roof terminals have been designed for natural and mechanical ventilation of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. These roof terminals are suitable for aeration as well as ventilation.

CoxTrek® for mechanical ventilation (MV) is available in Ø 100, 150, 180, 200, 250 and 300 mm.
CoxTrek® for natural ventilation (NV) and mechanical ventilation (MV) is available in Ø 125 mm.
CoxTrek ventilation roof terminal
CoxTrek ventilation roof terminal
Special features:

  • Extremely low resistance
  • Positive draught, even at low wind speeds.
  • Negative pressure in the outlet pipe in relation to surroundings
  • No backdraft into the pipe
  • Condensation in the upper roof part is drained away over the roof
  • Minimal icicle formation, because condensation is drained off through 3 holes
  • No leakage to the lower roof part


  • The cap is made from aluminium
  • Outer pipe is made of galvanized steel
  • Available in the colour black RAL 9005

At the end of its lifecycle the CoxTrek® roof terminal can be recycled completely.

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