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PREFAB® chimney

Prefab® for multi-layer buildings

The Prefab® chimney is especially designed for most conceivable top-of-the-roof applications for high-rise buildings. The chimney combines several inlets and outlets into one roof feature and can be tailored to suit every individual demand. The design of the Prefab® chimney allows for connection to condensing boilers, together with mechanical ventilation or heat recovery units. 
The chimney connections are simple and the high quality engineered construction makes the product extremely durable.
Prefab Chimney for high-rise buildings Cox Geelen Eijsden The Netherlands
Prefab Chimney for high-rise buildings Cox Geelen Eijsden The Netherlands
The chimney provides spaces for pipes for flue outlet and air inlet. Also a pipe for connecting mechanical ventilation or a heat recovery unit can be fitted. Furthermore space is also provided for a drain/soil pipe vent. The interior of the PREFAB® chimney is based on the A x B module system. The minimum size of A and B are 200 mm and are extended separately in steps of 150 mm. The maximum size A x B is 1250 x 1550 mm.

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Specifications PREFAB chimney:

  • Manufactured in aluminium.
  • Pipes protude 50 mm from the under side.
  • Powdercoating RAL 9005 (black), other colours upon request.
Advice: Ensure that under side of the chimney is insulated too, to avoid any risk of condensation.

PREFAB® chimney with heat pump connection in Eijsden


PREFAB® chimney - heat pump ready

Prefab 2.0

Eijsden gets the scoop of the region Limburg. A house that is built within 24 hours. In Eijsden's residential area Poelveld the first of seven such houses was built this week. The houses are well insulated and all windows are fitted with three-layer insulation. No boiler but instead a durable heat pump transfers heat from the outside air.

Cox Geelen

Cox Geelen's Research & Development Center designed the heat pump connections together with the developer. The pump connections are pre-installed in a PREFAB® chimney of Cox Geelen. After placement of the roof the PREFAB® chimney was hoisted and mounted on the roof.
Prefab chimney

New development project

In a new development project 30 rental properties for rent in the private sector were provided with a PREFAB® chimney with heat pump connection. The heat pump, designed for both heating and hot water supply, reduces noise pollution inside the home to a minimum.

Roof up-stand

There is a roof up-stand for the following types of roofing:
  • Flat
  • Shallow angle slope 
  • Pitched
  • Ridge
  • Wolf end
  • Pyramid
  • Structural roof up-stand


At the end of its lifecycle the Prefab® chimney is completely recyclable.
Prefab chimney Cox Geelen
Prefab chimney
Cox Geelen Prefab chimney
Cox Geelen Prefab chimney
Cox Geelen Prefab chimney