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Construction materials

Our product range of building items comprises ventilation grills, double skinned wall sleeves, chimney caps and rain hoods, terminal guards, VEWI valves and a variety of products for project finishings.
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Cox Geelen VEWI
Cox Geelen VEWI
Cox Geelen VEWI-klep
The ventilation one way valve is suitable for use with fan operated kitchen hood extraction units.

The VEWI-Valve should be fitted vertically between the outlet duct and the extraction hood. 

When the kitchen hood/extractor fan is switched off, the valve plates inside the VEWI drop down, preventing outside air or previously extracted air returning. Whilst the extractor is off, natural ventilation flow from the room to the outside is still allowed out through the valve.
Cox Geelen terminal guard

Terminal guards
A terminal guard prevents bird entry and obstruction of rainwater pipes and chimneys. There are galvanized and stainless steel terminal guards available in diameters from Ø 60 to 250 mm.
Cox Geelen

Louvred vent cover plate 
Available in single  and double width versions 

The air intake opening cover plate is equipped with louvers for rain protection.

Suitable for use on exterior walls.
Cox Geelen ventilatieplaat

Perforated vent cover plate
Available in single  and double width versions

These vent plates are perforated with Ø 10mm hole grid pattern and are available as single width and in double width.

These are most suitable for use on interior walls.
Cox Geelen kraaiekap

Chimney caps
The chimney caps are made from aluminium.
Available range Ø 120 mm to Ø 250 mm.
Cox Geelen regenkap

Rain hoods
The rain hoods are produced in (Sendzimir method) galvanized aluminium,.
Available in diameters from Ø 92/98 to Ø 500 mm.
Cox Geelen aluminium flexible pipe

Flexible aluminium tubes

3 meter compressed

This aluminium tube is highly flexible and is produced from a single spiral of profiled aluminium.
Because of the special folded seam both a very high air tightness and flexibility is achieved.

Areas of application:
  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Air treatment systems
  • Fume/wet air extraction systems 

Cox Geelen nisbus

Double skinned wall sleeves
Our double skinned wall sleeves are made from galvanised steel (Sendzimir method).
Available in diameters from Ø 100 mm to Ø 450 mm.

Besides the standard double skinned wall sleeve range we also offer many variations of extendable and adjustable wall sleeves, plus a range of cover plates and fittings.