Split-unit cover-up
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Heat pump split-unit cover up

Another good reason to install a heat pump split-unit cover from Cox Geelen!

In addition to producing a well-fitting hood, we can also pre-install the split-unit or monoblock - supplied by you - in the hood. It is then delivered as a whole by us, placed on the roof with an aerial platform, ready for further connection. All part of our customer support program.
Furthermore it is now possible to achieve a noise reduction of 2 to 3 dB with our covers by special adaptations. Further developments for noise reduction using the special Cox Geelen heat pump covers are in full swing.

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split-unit cover-up
split-unit cover-up

The Customer support program of Cox Geelen

A split-unit of a heat pump, placed on the roof due to lack of space in the house and/or to reduce noise nuisance, deserves a stylish metal hood from Cox Geelen. The split-unit cover-ups from Cox Geelen are especially designed to be placed on the roof and can be supplied in any color, exactly matching the roof, for example.

Each project requires specific customization and has its own schedule. Various construction phases are completed during construction. When the new-build home is almost finished, the moment arrives that the split-unit should also be delivered at the construction site.

For each project a cover-up is designed and manufactured. Production is followed by the assembly of the split-unit in the hood at Cox Geelen. Then the pre-assembled hood with split-unit is delivered on demand at the construction site. Giving you extra planning flexibility.