CoxDENS PP Locking clamp
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CoxDENS PP locking clamp
CoxDENS PP locking clamp

CoxDENS® PP locking clamp

With the locking clamp you can create an extra pull safe connection in just a few seconds. A reassuring thought for you as an installer and as a consumer.

CoxDENS PP locking clamp
CoxDENS PP locking clamp

➊ How does it work

The CoxDENS® PP locking clamp is an innovative plastic product which ensures that installed single wall rigid plastic flue gas outlet products cannot disconnect over time. A plastic flue gas system expands and contracts during each heating and cooling cycle. In certain markets, to prevent the flue gas system from ‘walking apart’, brackets are not considered sufficiently certain in this respect and so additional protection against disconnection has to be applied. Furthermore, this product can be used when installing a plastic flue gas outlet system in a shaft. By connecting the individual products to each other, with the inclusion of locking clamps, they cannot fall apart during installation. 

During the flue systems life, it is guaranteed that the individual products continue to stay as one system during each heating cycle. A reassuring thought.

CoxDENS PP locking clamp
CoxDENS PP locking clamp

➋ Quick and easy assembly

Open the locking clamp and put it around the top of the sleeve. Equipped with a double closure, double certainty is obtained by clicking in 2 clicks. Fully insert the next flue gas component and retract to the stop (about 10 mm). The assembly is ready.

To get acquainted with the system, we recommend that you watch the video.


In addition to markets where it is legally required to use a locking clamp between products, it provides additional security when used in a shaft or as an extra safety feature to the fixing brackets of a single walled plastic flue system.


The CoxDENS® PP locking clamp provides a pull safe rigid plastic flue gas system. It has been established by an independent inspection institute that the locking clamp can withstand a load of at least 45 kg (≈ 450 N) for 5 minutes.
CoxDENS PP locking clamp
CoxDENS PP locking clamp

Specifications CoxDENS® PP locking clamp:

  • Integrated solution for thermal expansion. 
  • Afterwards assembly and subsequent disassembly and reassembly. 
  • Available in Ø 60, 80 and 110 mm. 
  • Made from high quality UV-resistant unbreakable PP. 
  • Easy to close and re-open for repositioning. 
  • Resistant up to a flue gas temperature of 120°C (T120). 
  • Suitable for rigid CoxDENS® PP and CoxDENS® PPs.
  • Tested and certified according to ULC-S636.

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