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Cox Geelen CoxDENS PPs
Cox Geelen CoxDENS PPs

CoxDENS® PPs flue systems

Cox Geelen's CoxDENS® PPs has been a highly succesful element with an extensive product range for several years.

CoxDENS PP rigid
CoxDENS PP rigid

Plastic PPs flue systems

New developments in the field of flue systems and with the increased familiarity of use and installer confidence in this material, brings new impetus to the CoxDENS® PPs. With the CoxDENS® PPs being available in the diameters 60, 80 and 110 mm and the compatibility of all CoxDENS® product programs, such as the CoxDENS® Flex, CoxDENS® PPs and CoxDENS® PPs/Alu, a complete and safe flue gas system can be realised.

► Made of fire retardant Polypropylene.

Link to UV-resistant PP.

A greater efficiency and more aesthetically pleasing presence can be achieved by using the CoxDENS® PPs as air inlet.


  • Special developed fire retardant Polypropylene (s=schwer entflammbar). 
  • Resistant up to temperature of 120° Celsius. 
  • Operates in negative and positive pressure modes.
  • Ø 60 and 80 mm available in the colour white, Ø 110, Ø 125, 160, 200 and 250 mm in grey.
  • System approval 5000 Pa (level H1).
  • CE approval according European standard EN 14471:2013. 
  • Not UV-resistant


All polypropylene material, including PPs, expands and contracts with temperature change. To ensure that the installation initially is and remains completely flue gas tight, it is necessary that the Cox Geelen bracket is used. For the correct installing of the bracket, the instructions of the installation manual (download at should be followed. Only by following this instruction can Cox Geelen guarantee a safe and flue gas tight installation. Use the Cox Geelen lubricant exclusively for installing CoxDENS PPs, ensures that a reliant and safe connection is guaranteed.


  • CoxDENS® PPs is a complete product program in polypropylene. 
  • CoxDENS® PPs is long-lasting, light weight and easy to install. 
  • CoxDENS® PPs is resistant to aggressive condense water, so reduces contaminant pollution of the boiler. 
  • Special additions in the composition of CoxDENS® PPs ensure a fire retardant working and therefore is safer in the event of a fire than other standard polypropylene flue gas systems.

CoxDENS® PP Locking clamp

► 45 kg pull safe with the new locking clamp.

Create a pull safe pipe connection for situations where regular inspection of the flue system is not possible, for territories where this is a legal requirement or just for that extra peace of mind. The Cox Geelen locking clamp creates a pull safe connection between two CoxDENS PPs flue components. Tested and certified according to the ULC-S636, the Cox Geelen locking clamp can withstand a force of 45 kg (≈0,45kN) read more.


At the production of the PPs flue gas systems less CO2 is produced than with the production of traditional metal flue gas systems.

Download for more information: Brochure CoxDENS® PPs.

 Pull safe connection with the CoxDENS® PP Locking clamp.

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