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Cox Geelen CoxDENS PP
Cox Geelen CoxDENS PP

CoxDENS® PP Bracket

The CoxDENS® PP Bracket is the newest innovation from the Cox Geelen R&D Center. This bracket with double closure ensures a quick, easy and safe fixation of the flue gas system!

➊ How does it work

As an installer you want to be sure that the bracket has been installed in a correct way which means tight enough around the socket or the spigot. When the bracket is applied around the socket of the pipe or bend, you fix this bracket with 1 click, whereas if the bracket is mounted around the smaller diameter of the spigot, you fix the bracket in 2 clicks, thus allowing the expansion of the flue gas system. This combination ensures that the pipes and bends cannot disengage due to expansion and contraction. Furthermore, the bracket has a double closure, giving double security, whilst ensuring that the bracket can be easily reopened when required.

➋ Quick assembly

The bracket is designed in such a way that, after installing the flue system, the bracket can be quickly mounted next to it, even in hard-to-reach areas. There are 4 mounting holes available, including an axial mounting option.

Easy assembly

As the fixing point of the bracket to the wall or ceiling is to the side of the installed flue system, it guarantees an easy installation as the line of sight is not obstructed. The CoxDENS® PP Bracket can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.


➌ With M8 stud screw or threaded rod

► Self-clamping and easily adjustable in depth.
The bracket is self-clamping, so without nuts, on M8 thread and is easily adjustable in depth. The innovative and patented threaded anchoring design, ensures that ‘click-closing’ the bracket, simultaneously supports the flue and secures the anchoring. So there are no loose parts or clips with this bracket.

➍ Time saving with spacing assembly screw

► With a aerated concrete block surface, it is not necessary to pre-drill and the installation on brick or concrete can be done without anchors.
Even faster assembly is possible with a spacing assembly screw, as pre-drilling is not necessary when mounted on a aerated concrete block or wooden surfaces. With a masonry or concrete wall, an anchor is not needed as the spacing assembly screw can be placed in the drilled hole directly. A specially designed screw hole in the bracket ensures that the bracket is not pulled against the surface, it enables that the system can be mounted to the wall tension free.

Film with the installation possibilities of the CoxDENS® PP bracket:

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The CoxDENS® PP Bracket ensures that the plastic flue system stays together when properly installed. Furthermore, a double security has been realized through the double closure.

Specifications CoxDENS® PP Bracket:

  • Available in Ø 80 mm.
  • Made of UV resistant unbreakable PP.
  • Suitable for fixing plastic flue gas outlet and air inlet systems.
  • Resistant up to a flue gas temperature of 120°C (T120).


  • You need only one type of bracket, as it can be used at the socket, in ‘1 click’, as well as around the pipe, in ‘2 clicks’.
  • Double closure ensures double security. In the unlikely event that a closure is knocked open, there is a second one that ensures that the bracket remains closed and the flue system firmly in place.
  • Can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically.
  • An innovative patented threaded anchoring without loose clips.
  • Stud screw, threaded rod or spacing assembly screw fixation integrated in 1 bracket.
  • No nut is needed to fix the CoxDENS® PP Bracket.
  • Made of high-quality UV-resistant plastic.
  • Fixing point is visible.
  • Gives a neat finish.

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