Concentric flue gas systems
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Connext x3
Connext x3

Preference for tube-in-tube concentric flue gas material

Cox Geelen's concentric flue systems are designed for the modern condensing heating boiler and are available at the technical wholesaler.

Are concentric flue gas systems expensive and difficult to install?

No, maybe some preparation but the job installing a concentric system is just as quick to clear as a twin pipe system. In addition, you use half less time on placing brackets.

An extra safety barrier? Choose a closed tube-in-tube concentric system

Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by connecting a concentric flue pipe. A tube-in-tube flue gas channel consists of an outer pipe for air supply and an inner pipe for flue gas discharge. As a result, the boiler will stall when there is a hole or leakage with too much flue gas. The tube-in-tube principle provides an additional safety barrier compared to parallel flue gas pipes.

Easy to shorten

Each pipe section can easily be shortened by detaching the flue gas pipe from the outer pipe. Then cut both sections into the desired length.

Advantages of concentric flue gas systems

A plastic flue gas pipe expands more than a metal pipe when heated. In the design of the coupling of the CONNEXT X3 system, this expansion has been taken into account. The expansion of the inner pipe will therefore never lead to the separation of the concentric flue gas pipe.

Concentric flue gas discharge systems (tube-in-tube):

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