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prefab chimney
prefab chimney

ECONEXT sQ prefab chimney for single-family homes

The ECONEXT sQ prefab chimney is a smart, aesthetic chimney solution that can be used for both new constructions as renovations of single-family homes.

The chimney is composed of a hood, roof rebellion and connecting pipes. Several passages are combined in the chimney. The underside of the chimney is fitted with snap fingers, where the various feedthroughs are clicked into.
The ECONEXT sQ (square) prefab chimney is designed for single-family homes and fits on every roof. Several outlets are combined in the chimney. The product properties of the ECONEXT sQ prefab chimney offer the possibility to connect modern condensing heating appliances, as well as mechanical ventilation and heat recovery devices in a simple and sustainable manner.


  • Square 380 x 380 mm, with a height of 320 mm. 
  • Powder coating matt black and terracotta. 
ECONEXT sQ prefab
ECONEXT sQ prefab

Roof type

There is a roof up-stand for the following roof types:
  • Flat roof (flat flashing/uncoated). 
  • Sloped roof (roof up-stand custom-made at specific slope/colour-coated). 
The roof up-stand has a non-lead flashing at the bottom. It is light weight, fast and easy to process and harmless for health and the environment.

Specifications ECONEXT sQ

  • Manufactured in aluminum 1050A H14. 
  • The special matt powder coating offers the highest industrial guarantee on the market, as well as its high color tightness and hardness. 

Connection pipes

  • Length connection pipes 1000 mm for flat roofs and 1500 mm for sloping roofs.
  • No time loss and failure costs due to the ease of installing the connection pipes. The connection pipes at the bottom of the chimney are equipped with snap fingers. The snap fingers have the same colour as the extension pipes to be connected.
  • Mechanical ventilation: aluminum pipe Ø 150 mm.
  • Sewage vent: pipe Ø 110 mm.
  • Concentric flue gas exhaust and air supply PP/Alu Ø 80/125 mm: PP flue gas inner pipe Ø 80 mm and aluminum outer pipe Ø 125 mm.


At the end of its life, the ECONEXT sQ prefab chimney can be entirely recycled.
ECONEXT sQ prefab
ECONEXT sQ prefab