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roof terminal ECONEXT
roof terminal ECONEXT

Roof terminal ECONEXT®

Under the brand name ECONEXT®, Cox Geelen offers a wide range of roof and wall terminals. We are constantly expanding the range of outlets in response to market demands. The ECONEXT® (W) roof terminal has been especially developed for connection to modern, condensing, high efficiency boilers with a maximum flue gas temperature of 120 ° C (T120).

Roof terminal extension material

For pitched roofs or roofs with a thick layer of insulating material, it may happen that the standard length is not sufficient. That is why various sets of extension pipes are available with which the roof terminal can easily be extended. There are sets available with PP or aluminum inner pipe with a galvanized outer pipe or an outer pipe made of plastic. Extension is possible both under and upper roof. If an extension exceeds 1 meter height, tines must be fitted.

ECONEXT® roof terminal

Together with you, Cox Geelen intents to work on a healthier environment. 'The next step to a better environment' is the slogan that fits the ECONEXT® roof terminal perfectly. Cox Geelen has joined the Climate Neutral Group to make sure that this slogan is not just words. All CO2 emissions that we produce with our production are compensated. This means that we can legitimately state that we are a climate-neutral company with climate-neutral roof terminals and flue gas exhaust systems.

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The ECONEXT® roof terminal has been developed for condensing appliances with a maximum flue gas temperature of 120 ° C. The assembly is very easy and quick to carry out. Under the roof, the ECONEXT® is fitted with a white pipe with white mounting bracket so that it is not a disruptive factor within the modern interior of the house. For pitched roofs or for roofs with a thicker layer of insulation material, various extension sets are available. With these sets, the concentric roof terminal (flue gas inner pipe and outer pipe for air supply) can be easily extended.