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Cox Geelen ECONEXT Chimney cover
Cox Geelen ECONEXT Chimney cover

ECONEXT® Chimney cover for renovation projects

Are you looking for a QUICK and SAFE flue gas solution for renovation projects?

Then you have found it with the ECONEXT® Chimney Cover. The ECONEXT® Chimney Cover is an innovative and modern outlet construction for fixing/mounting on a stoneware chimneypot. In renovation projects where the old fashioned central heating boiler is replaced by a modern condensing heating appliance, it is also necessary to replace the flue system quickly and safely. This innovative cap has been especially designed for this, read on to see how.

Renovation solution ECONEXT Chimney cover
Renovation solution ECONEXT Chimney cover

ECONEXT® Chimney Cover

The ECONEXT® Chimney Cover is another innovative development from the Research & Development centre of Cox Geelen. This cap has been developed in close cooperation with several installers from the home and export markets. The result of this cooperation is this really unique product, for which simplicity, speed and safety of installation have been the key design criteria.


During renovation projects of heating and flue systems, mostly of 1960’s & 70’s buildings, the existing flue gas ‘channels’ are frequently being re-used. These chimneys often have one or more stoneware chimneypots. Cox Geelen has developed a complete solution for these chimneys where a double click & lock connection is realised, one at the bottom end of the chimney - at the wall or ceiling plate - the other one at the top of the chimney at the outlet, the ECONEXT® Chimney Cover. The ingenious design also enables extremely straightforward installation.
In combination with the CoxDENS® PP Flex flue material, the special wall plate with integral chimney bend or the special ceiling plate with integral flex connection, you can simply install a double click & lock, strong and safe flue gas system onto a glazed stoneware chimneypot.

Double safety and in only a couple of clicks… “click & lock” -  clicklock ready”!

Installation Instruction Series

CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen


The ECONEXT® Chimney Cover is especially designed for connection to condensing (W) gas and condensing (W) oil fired heating appliances (T120) installed in combination with the polypropylene flexible flue system CoxDENS® PPs Flex.


The ECONEXT® Chimney cover is available with flex connection in diameters Ø 60 mm and Ø 80 mm and because of its ingenious design, compatible with most of the sizes of stoneware pots in home and export market regions.
econext chimney cover
econext chimney cover

ECONEXT® Chimney cover with flex connection of Ø 60 and Ø 80 mm.

Besides Ø 80 mm a demand for a total solution in Ø 60 mm arose. The CoxDENS® PP flexible pipe Ø 60 mm can be pulled through an existing chimney of Ø 80 mm. Both the ECONEXT® Chimney cover, the flexible pipe as well as the wall and ceiling plates are available in Ø 60 and Ø 80 mm.
plastic PP flue system
plastic PP flue system

Product range

Made to order

For projects we can adapt the design of the wall plates to your specifications.
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen
CoxDENS PP Flex Cox Geelen

Installation advantages

  • The ECONEXT® Chimney cover starter kit consists of only 4 parts
  • The double click & lock connection ensures safe installation
  • The click system allows fast installation
  • Fast and easy to disassemble for inspection or maintenance


  • The model has especially been designed for a stoneware chimneypot (chimney outlet).
  • Ø 60 and Ø 80 mm are suitable for stoneware chimneypots with an outside diameter of 140, 150, 180 and 200 mm.
  • Also for masonry chimneys a Chimney cover is available, with connection to flex Ø 60mm or Ø 80mm.
  • Provided with click system to realise a tensile proof connection.
  • Manufactured in UV resistant polypropylene.
  • Resistant to a temperature of 120° C.
  • Especially designed for installation in combination with our CoxDENS® PP Flex flue pipes.
  • Available in black RAL 9005 and terracotta RAL 8023.
red ring
red ring


The ECONEXT® Chimney cover as well as the connection plates are compatible with our previous model CoxDENS® Flex, but only by incorporating the red connection adapter.

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For more information please download: Brochure ECONEXT® Chimney cover •  Brochure English-Italian.

Video On-site installation instructions.

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